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Mobile competition for Christmas greetings

08 Jan 2003

For over 100 years Christmas cards have been the traditional way to send seasonal greetings to family and friends. However, according to new research from first direct , the telephone and internet bank, this tradition could become a thing of the past.

The research showed that over a third of UK adults (14 million people) will be sending their Christmas greetings as a text message this year.

On average, each person will send 13 text greetings, creating a total of 182 million seasonal text messages during the Christmas period.

Interestingly, whilst Christmas card senders are more likely to be women, aged 55+ and retired, text greeters are more likely to be men aged between 16-24, and mostly single and working full time.

There has been a surge in the popularity of text messaging during the last couple of years, with approximately 19 million people in the UK sending text messages on a daily basis.

first direct 's Chief Executive, Alan Hughes said: ''What our research shows is that in an increasingly busy society, the popularity of mobile communication continues to grow. We have experienced this growth with our own Text Message Banking service, which now has over 230,000 customers and has transmitted over 20 million text messages so far this year."


Notes to editors:

  • Fieldwork took place between 8th and 10th November 2002, amongst a sample of 1,009 UK adults aged 16+.
  • first direct has a free Mobile Phone Banking service, which now has over 230,000 customers. Message alerts are sent by SMS (short messaging service).
  • first direct offers a choice of communication channels (eg. telephone, internet, mobile phone, paying-in at branches) designed around the customer's individual needs and focused on delivering exceptional customer service.
  • first direct has over one million customers, 500,000 of whom bank online.
  • Customers use electronic channels such as the internet, mobile phone and WAP services for 55% of their communication with first direct .
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