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first direct offers fee free flexibility for home insurance switchers

26 Feb 2018

first direct pays cancellation fees for home insurance switchers

first direct has launched a new fee-free switching incentive for customers wishing to break their contract early and take its 5* rated Home Insurance.

People’s needs change all the time and you may need to take out different types of cover, you may have been dissatisfied with the service you received when you made a claim, or you may have just found a better price. Customers’ switching their Home Insurance policy to first direct , will now be able to able to get all cancellation fees reimbursed should they be penalised for breaking your existing contract early.

There’s no cap on the cancelation fee amount, first direct ’s got it covered.

Nick Harrison, Commercial Director at first direct , said: “first direct believes any time should be the right time to get the right home insurance. We live in a world where your circumstances can change at any moment. People want and deserve flexibility to be able to break out of Home Insurance contracts which no longer meet their needs. Our Switcher offer lets them do that without the dreaded ‘F’ word – fees!”


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