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first direct launches fdesign

13 Dec 2016

first direct launches a new customer co-creation lab to nurture and develop new products and services

first direct has launched fdesign, an exciting new platform which allows customers to become directly involved in developing new products and services.

After a successful pilot where first direct worked alongside a group of customers to develop improvements to the website, fdesign is now being rolled out to more customers.

Members of the fdesign community will be able to access a separate part of the website where they’ll be able to offer views in a structured way and also get involved in projects currently being designed or even ideas which might be designed in the future.

Currently, the platform is available by invitation only, but ‘fdesigners’ could take part in surveys or discussion forums, or even become involved with prototype testing. In a continuous feedback loop first direct will then share updates on what’s been actioned on the back of their input. As well as helping shape the future of the bank, participants will also be awarded points for their input which will open up more project for them to get involved in – keeping it fresh and fun.

Tracy Garrad, chief executive of first direct , said: “Our customers want a bank which doesn’t stand still and offers them the products and services they value. fdesign is a new way of working, a genuine co-creation space focused on gathering opinions and sharing new ideas. It gives us an area where we can work with our customers to create a truly modern and open banking service that’s right for now and the future.”



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