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first direct enhances pay features on mobile app

20 Jan 2017

first direct enables customers to set up new payments using the Banking on the go App

first direct has added new payment functionality to its Banking on the go App, allowing customers to create new beneficiaries and Standing Orders from their mobile device.

Customers now have the ability to set up and make payments to major beneficiaries and to family and friends by accessing the mobile banking app using Touch ID or a Digital Secure Key.

The feature is being rolled out to customers with an iOS device from today and will be made available to Android users shortly.

Tracy Garrad, CEO of first direct , said: “We’re always trying to make life easier for customers so we’re delighted to be able to offer this functionality, which gives you greater payment power in your pocket.

“Of course people can still log in to Internet Banking or call us if they’d like, but this way’s just a bit quicker, just as secure, and only requires your fingerprint to log in.”

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Tt.ce have been a lot of queries and discussions on Talking Point and Twitter about whett.c or not first direct have or are planning to have an iPhone App.  We can confirm that, whilst customers can't download a first direct App from the Apple store, we do have a version of our internet banking site which can be more easily viewed on the iPhone.

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