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Teepee or not teepee that is the question

24 Aug 2010

An enterprising company lacking office space over a busy summer have found a novel way to expand by holding high-powered business meetings - in teepees.

With many of retail bank first direct 's rooms full during a season of vital discussions, they ordered an impressive 18ft high teepee to be built on grass outside their complex in Leeds, West Yorks.

The structure can comfortably fit 12 people in for crucial alfresco sessions and contains cushions, rugs, a low table and a battery light - with important strategy meetings being held in them.

An equally popular teepee also stands outside an office in Hamilton, Scotland - and after being deluged by bookings from bosses eager to give them a try there is now a three-week waiting list.

Lisa Chester, People Communications Leader at first direct , was one of the first to hold a meeting in the unique office and said:

"At this time of year we are often struggling to find rooms for our team meetings and update sessions because of appraisals.

"I absolutely love it. It's a great way to inject a bit of life into meetings. The relaxed atmosphere helps people open up and the fresh air really gets the brain cells firing.

"Both teepees have been solidly booked since it was erected and we now have a waiting list for them. We only booked them for three weeks to help us through this busy period but they have been so successful we will have to keep them for longer.

"People are having all sorts of meetings in it from appraisals to team meetings to business meetings and our resident career advisor has used it to talk through people's personal development.

"We even held a very important meeting about the communications strategy for our 21st Birthday Celebrations which will be starting at the end of September."

Cornwall-based 'WigWam Sam' - who has previously constructed the teepees at the Glastonbury Festival - was on hand to build them.

(Written by Steve Castle of the Ross Parry Agency)

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