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01 Jun 2010

There have been a lot of queries and discussions on Talking Point and Twitter about whether or not first direct have or are planning to have an iPhone App. 

We can confirm that, whilst customers can't download a first direct App from the Apple store, we do have a version of our internet banking site which can be more easily viewed on the iPhone.  This site has been set up in such a way that, if you have an iPhone, you can add the page to your homepage and then quickly log in to your internet banking, visit or just touch the screen to give us a call on the customer number. 

We do have plans to launch several iPhone Apps for our customers over the coming months ranging from an App for our customer recommendation site to our dedicated Banking App.  We haven't rushed into launching these Apps as we want to make sure we get it right first time rather than pushing something out that isn't really ready.  

Stewart Bromley, Head of Digital Solutions at first direct commented: 

"It's tough to hear people ask us what we have planned for the iPhone when we know all the exciting things in the pipeline for this year.  We're just not ready to let the cat out of the bag yet! 

"As usual we're trying to be innovative and create several exciting Apps that will provide useful services for our customers including an online banking App, however innovation takes time and at the moment we don't want to give too much away and spoil the surprise.  As soon as we're ready to launch we'll be letting you know exactly what we've got planned and when you can expect to see it via our Newsroom and Twitter. 

"Watch this space!"


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