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first direct dare to share what their customers think!

13 Oct 2009

We've always loved to chat, which is lucky being a telephone bank!  But we wanted to give our customers the opportunity to talk back and let us know how they really feel about us.

With this in mind we recently launched our new acquisition campaign - "Live".  It works by taking everything that's said about us online, from over 8 million forums, blogs and social media sites, and then feeding it, live, onto our website for all to see.  At the same time we also launched Talking Point - a section where customers can leave a message for us.  We're pleased to say that both have been a huge success! 

Since we started, two weeks ago, over 2000 people have commented on Talking Point with the vast majority being positive.  We've had some fantastic comments about our customer service and when we asked, 'What makes you happy?' 'Pongo' left the following message...


"1st direct ticks all the boxes, I've been a customer since 1995 I think, and never had a complaint.  Why doesn't everyone bank this way?

"Why put up with 2nd rate service?"

Cheers Pongo, it's good of you to say so!

Since "Live" went, well, live the financial and marketing industry have been commenting and it's being seen by all as an innovative and refreshing step for any company to take, never mind a bank.  We've also seen some great chatter on Twitter.

If you'd like to see what our customers truly think of us and how the industry has reacted take a look via the links below.

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